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My Sketchbook
The Hummingbird

I am a strong believer in the importance of maintaining a sketchbook. I feel it¹s the best way to keep your skills sharp and remain a viable artist.

These sketches are great moments in time observing life around me.

I carry around a sketchbook with me at all times. Out of sheer pleasure and relaxation, with any free moment, whether waiting around while traveling or sitting at a café enjoying an espresso, I enjoy observing and sketching life around me.

Over the years I have made all my sketchbooks, choosing only quality papers. The making of my sketchbooks personalizes and makes a greater connection to the experience.

Some sketches are exactly that and then there are some that I would revisit and develop into more sustained drawings. I’ve included a variety of quick gestural and spontaneous line drawings to the more observed and developed drawing.

All sketches are from observation, working with archival ink.